Best Rock Songs for Weddings

Once you have the guest list, the ceremony place, florists, your wedding dress, photographers and your wedding registry gifts, start to think about the band/music. It’s hard to argue that music isn’t one of the most important things you’ll decide on for your wedding. From the first dance to the father and daughter dance and, of course, the reception, a wedding is as much about music as it is anything else. That makes picking the right songs of the utmost importance. Below are just a few of some of the greatest classic rock love songs that you’ll want to add to the playlist for your big day.

Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”

This classic 80’s rock ballad was written for the romance..

Best Classic Rock Love Songs

Music is a huge part of our lives. It goes with us everywhere, it keeps going through the good times and bad, and most importantly of all, it reminds us what love really is. Love songs, in particular, are magical and sing to our souls. For many of the greatest songs ever written, love was…